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Did you know that “Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year.” (Hubspot)


Working with out-of-date prospect data will only serve to ruin your server reputation and see your emails end up in spam, or blacklisted.


If you need fresh target prospect data to power your sales, marketing or recruitment activity, SalesCure specialises in building and cleansing data lists with added layers of human enriched insight and segmentation. Why is this enrichment so important you may ask?


 It allows for unique levels of personalistion that will ultimately power and enhance your outreach!



 🚀 “Personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction dates.” (Experian)


🚀 “Personalised email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%” (Aberdeen)



And when we say personalisation, we are not talking about ‘first_name’, ‘company’ or ‘job title’ – instead, our dedicated offshore data team captures unique information about individuals such as industry articles they are quoted in and trending topics on their profile and amongst their social activity. Ultimately any information that can be researched by our team can capture on your behalf.

Custom Data Lists

Our dedicated team of data minions can provide all the data you’ll ever need. Whether it’s to set up a completely new lead prospecting database or create a custom data list to power your sales and marketing activity into new sectors and markets.


Additionally, if your existing data, is in need of a thorough cleanse we can help. Be it missing phone numbers, postcodes or other essential contact data, insight or segmentation – we can help!


Human Data Enrichment

Rocket provides you with the opportunity to hyper-segment and enrich your prospect database with extra layers of insight to allow for unique levels of personalisation within your outreach. And we all know the more personalisation you apply within your sales & marketing campaings the stronger your open, engagement and response rates will be.


Here at Rocket we take personalisation to a new level, thanks to our data teams ability to mine custom segments of data that stretch to anything you would like captured, that can be found via internet research.

Data Verification & Postal Address Checks


If you have planned some direct mail or telesales activity but you first want to double verify for your data, to avoid wastage, then Rocket can help. Our data team man the phones and scour the internet to run manual checks to verify prospects still work at target accounts, as well as confirming exact office locations they are based at.

If you need a new or prospect database? Or a custom list, or your existing data cleanses, verified or enriched.


It would be our pleasure to tee up an intro to assess how we can optimise your data and outreach strategy. We provide this service for business across all verticals, we are called upon by billion dhs companies such as Nestle Professional and Quotient, right the way through to fresh start-ups.

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