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Event Marketing Support

 🚀 Are you planning to attend or exhibit at any upcoming events?

 🚀 Are you planning on hosting a webinar?

 🚀 Do you have any plans to organise and host an event or seminar?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then Rocket can help. More than that we will release you from the weight and worry of having to ensure the event is a success and efficient use of your time. Whether it’s to drive awareness, registrations and attendance of an event, seminar or webinar your hosting. Or whether it’s to pre-emptively secure you scheduled 1:1 face time with key prospects at a market event you were planning to attend or exhibit at. We’ll help you better leverage the investment you have made in your decision to attend or host an industry event.


“Out of the gate SC. were able to secure 15 meetings at a 4 day event that we were attending, a portion of which have now translated to ongoing clients. Additionally their approach has lead to us winning several other new business opportunities as well as reigniting a lapsed client, allowing us to turn this in to one of our most significant accounts.“

Sales Director – MAG Real Estate

Mohamad Mohsen


“SC. created and executed a series of email and social campaigns, strategically launched in the months building up to our hosted ‘Great Loyalty Debate’ event. Ultimately they supported us in activating an overwhelmingly successful debate by ensuring we had a theatre full of attendee’s made up of our ideal prospects. We have worked with SC. for over a decade now, utilising their lead generation services and expertise to ensure we always have a healthy new business pipeline.“

Managing Partner – Asana

Dustin Moskovitz


When working with SalesCure we take it upon ourselves, to recommend events you and your team should consider attending, we also publish a full annual calendar of events for each industry vertical. We base our recommendations on empirical historical evidence of where we and our clients and have had past successes, in pre-scheduling a series of one on sessions with ideal target prospects that happen to be attending.



Here at Rocket we work with clients to develop strategies to maximise business development opportunities from seminars and events that they plan, or that we recommend they attend.



When our clients are putting together their own webinar, seminar or event we work with them to increase awareness, drive attendee’s and ensure post event opportunities are captialised upon. We take it upon ourselves to help ensure the end result of any event you are investing time and capital on, is triumphant in delivering an ROI in the form of output leads and opportunities.

With all our event marketing support no matter the event type, we have over a decade of experience, in knowing what type of messaging and campaign activity drives action, both for pre- and post-event communication.



We pride ourselves on working with the very best data available, to that end our data team, creates fresh, verified custom mailing lists to suit each and every campaign and client. We build our custom target lists based on your ideal target prospects, cross-referenced with extensive research on who is most likely to attend based on location, interests, needs and known challenges. We also conduct our due diligence around each event, in order to directly uncover attendee’s, speakers and exhibitor’s both path and present in order to further supplement our custom list



We also double up our email outreach, by duplicating activity in short form via LinkedIn connections, message sequences, posts, articles and targeted ads – reaching out to drive awareness and required actions.

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